Lasertag Cairns

­­­­Outdoor Combat Games in Redlynch

Lasertag and Arrow Tag - Less pain, more game! 

Large Outdoor Field

With a two tiered field, there's plenty of room to run, hide or be sneaky!

We're also Mobile!

If you can't come to us, why not see if we can come to you?

Team Focused

The team that slays together, stays together.

Next Mega Session - Saturday the 18th of January!

A little about what we can do...
Looking for some outdoor fun? Outdoor Lasertag opens up a whole different kind of play style. 
Arrow Tag
Arrow Tag
Looking for a little more excitement?
Try Arrow Tag - It's like archery meets dodgeball. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Fire!
Event Bookings
Event Bookings
Need an activity for an event; school camp, fete, birthday, social or corporate functions?
We've got you covered.
Why choose us 
Multiple game types.
We want to have fun and want to share that with you!.

Aside from being great fun, it's also out in nature!
Yes sometimes its hot, yes it can be challenging depending on how far you push yourself, but it's also rewarding!


Anyone from 7+ can play.

Boys, girls, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, siblings. Everyone can join in!
Nothing says family like playing with (or against!) each other out in the field.