About us

So you'd like to know more...

We've been in the business since 2002.

Lasertag Cairns is currently a two person (husband & wife) team.
With a total of 28 years experience between us, we've seen things, been places and done alot of stuff.

Since then Lasertag Cairns has operated at a few different venues, seen many faces come and go over the years - even seen some of the young folk grow into adults.

All of that combined means we're constantly drawing from our experiences to make sure that we pass along all the best parts onto you.
If we have fun making it, we're sure that you'll have fun playing it - we love what we do!

Not to mention, all of our equipment is manufactured right here in Australia!
Lux Car Service

"Go down fighting, don't get shot in the back running away." 
Team Work 
Team Work 
We aim to help you have a good time as a team.
All for one and one for all.
"They can't shoot you if you shoot them first."