Arrow Tag
Team Based
Team Based
Everybody needs friends (Even just to draw fire away from you).
Safety Gear Provided 
Safety Gear Provided 
Because no one likes getting hit in the face! 
Inflatable Walls 
Inflatable Walls 
For when all you have is a patch of grass and nothing to hide behind

Arrow Tag is alot like if you crossed archery with dodgeball.

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and destroy!
Foam tipped arrows, team coloured bows and masks equals fun!
If you can't make it to us, we can come to you!

Arrow Tag can be played in two ways:

Teams of six verse each other, 2 teams at a time. Aim of the game is to score as many hits on the other team as possible. Hits on the bow don't count, nor do arrows that have hit another surface before the player. With larger groups we can rotate either hit players with those on the same team waiting OR Have smaller teams of 6 and have the whole team swap for the next after a certain time limit.

Group of archers against a group of targets. Twelve stationary archers take aim at the twelve targets who will be moving and dodging within a small area for a quick round. At the end of the time the two groups swap roles and the targets become the archers and vice versa. Scoring is based on which ever group hits the most players while they are the Archers. *Catching an arrow counts as a negative point; if it hits you first it counts as a normal hit!

Remember, the most important thing (aside from safety!) is having fun!
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Equip Helmet

Safety first!

Grab Bow

You will be prepared

Nock Arrow

Channel your inner Legolas


You may fire when ready.